Like a baby, brands grow over time. With every brand we create, no matter how big or small, we follow a specific design process. We work together as a team (almost like a little family) with each client to ensure our designs are on target. Our main goal is that every single piece is purposeful! Below you will see how we worked with Nurture Pregnancy Centre and witness their brand unfold.

1. Discovery

The client

Medicine Hat Pregnancy and Family Support Society board of directors approached us in hopes of refreshing the Centre’s brand to represent it’s approachable and caring characteristics. 

We worked alongside Evoke Inspired Marketing to ensure we had their goals, brand personality and voice going forward in the right direction prior to us starting the visual portion of this brand. The initial discovery sessions resulted in rebranding the Centre to its current name, The Nurture Pregnancy Centre.

the resolution

A few things came out of the discovery sessions. First, they wanted their organization to feel like a safe place to go for anyone who was expecting or taking care of an infant that was unexpected. Secondly, a brand that was perhaps a bit more discreet. And lastly, to ensure it was welcoming and non-judgemental.

Nurture Pregnancy Centre provides a soft place to land for those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or challenges in all stages of pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life. All of their programs and services are free, confidential, and are offered in a welcoming and accepting environment.

Their faith-based organization believes that all humankind has intrinsic value and that everyone has the right to feel equipped and empowered to succeed in life. They are there to support growth and to help find joy in the journey!

2. Develop


Moodboards are a collection of images, typography, textures and colour palettes that cast a vision of three creative directions we can go in. We always present a minimum of three moodboards to any client when we create a full-scale brand. The following was the chosen moodboard selected by Nurture Centre's branding sub-committee.


All in a sketch

Once a direction is chosen we move onto the brainstorming and sketching. Sketching is a crucial step in our design process. It is the best way to brainstorm ideas and get them all out and on paper. Our sketchbooks may not be beautiful, but they are full of potential concepts just waiting to be developed. Our sketching process consists of lists, drawings, and text. Once we narrow in on the perfect concept, we transfer it to the computer and apply it to your brand.


3. Design

the first look

Once we have our three strongest concepts we take them to the computer and develop them to a point we are comfortable presenting. Below are the three concepts that we presented to the Nurture Pregnancy Centre. All three concepts have a youthful appearance and conveys the centre's warmth and accepting nature.

Concept 1: This logo focuses on the idea of growth. Like a seedling that needs water, sun, and protection from the elements the centre's clients need basic necessities to flourish. The centre is focused on nurturing their clients and encouraging them to enjoy a pregnancy journey of growth and development. The youthful childlike font creates a whimsical feeling of endless potential, while the green colour evokes a feeling of organic growth

Concept 2: This logo focuses on the concept of development. The three circles represent the baby/mother development process. Over time the baby grows and develops while the mother grows into a selfless caregiver. The centre helps with both of these processes through their numerous classes, coaching, and over all love and support. The development of mother and babe is the number one priority for the centre. With this logo we chose another youthful font along with the pinky salmon colour creating a warm and welcoming feeling. 

Concept 3: This logo focused on the concept of nurturing. To nurture is to “care for and encourage the growth or development of someone or something” Not only do the centres clients nurture their babies, but the centre nurtures these families by encouraging their growth and development through the programs offered. The centre nurtures clients like a mother bear nurtures her cubs. Mother bears are loving and protective. It's the job of the mother bear to prepare her cubs for the real world. These traits are reflected in the service and care that the pregnancy centre takes of its clients.


4. Polish

the chosen one


Logo breakdown


Graphic Pattern

The supporting graphic element of the Nurture Pregnancy Centre brand is the “nu” pattern, which reflects the letters “nu” in the word nurture. It mimics the roundness of a pregnant woman's belly and also supports the tagline of a “Soft Place to Land”. The “nu” pattern can be used as a background pattern or a graphic element.






Photography chosen that supports Nuture's brand is warm, soft and welcoming. The photography supports the 5 Brand Pillars; Intrinsic Value, Caring Support, Growth, Equip, Joy. The photography captures a moment between caregiver and child. It illustrates the joy a baby brings, while still looking geniune. All photos have a warm yellowish hue, which aligns with the brand colours and strategy.


5. Deliver