1. Discovery

Flag5 Task: Start researching, brainstorming and investigate multiple concept directions. Prepare an initial visual direction to present to you.

Team Task: Meet as a team to review visual direction and receive approval to move forward.

2. Develop

Flag5 Task: Ideation, sketch concepts, problem solve and narrow down concepts to ensure every element is purposeful.

Client Task: Sit back/relax-we'll be in touch soon!

3. Design

Flag5 Task: Take the strongest concepts and make them digital, adjust graphics/images and select appropriate typography. Test prototypes.

Team Task: Concept presentation, discuss, receive feedback, narrow down to one concept.

4. Polish

Team Task: We work closely together to fine-tune the approved direction. You receive proofs online or we meet in person (that is your choice) to finalized the artwork. Then you give your final approval with a digital "good to go".

5. Deliver

Flag5 Task: Prepare the final files for use and send artwork to print (if applicable).

Client Task: Receive files/print materials and launch your product to the world!!!  

For an in-depth look at our design process check out the following case studies.


Upon completing your project we are always there for you if you need!  We are available to answer any questions, give you brand or technical support, files are always kept on hand and overall we just love hearing how your business is doing!  So stay in touch and we hope to be able to work with you again!