Picture it. Medicine Hat. 2014. Medalta has contacted us to create the promotional materials for the upcoming Black & White Gala. We can not confirm nor deny that we shrieked with excitement. Having been to the Gala the year prior, it was in our dreams that we would one day be able to create something so fun. Below you will see how we worked with Medalta to create their events promotions.

1. Discovery

The client

Before we met with Medalta's then Marketing Director, Quentin Randall we knew the bar was set high for creating the promotional materials for the Black & White Gala as the materials from years prior were beautifully and purposefully designed. After meeting with Quentin to grasp the scope of the project, he gave us free rein to develop the events promotional materials. We were up for the challenge! He also appreciates design with the 'less is more' concept so we knew we'd be able to work as a great team to ensure the event was an elegant one.

the resolution

Medalta is a historic building with a rich history, but is a facility that is still fully functional with events, artists in residents and tours for the public. It has aspects of historic and modern architecture incorporated into the buildings design, we wanted to ensure the event design reflected that.

2. Develop


For most large projects we pull together a moodboard to help us create a more in-depth concept. Below you will see the colour scheme, textures, imagery and typography that inspired us to go in the direction we did for the development of this promotional package.



Colour Scheme


just a doodle

Sketching is huge part of our process and key to getting out our ideas quickly on paper. As well, it allows us to fine tune concepts before we hit the computer. 

We knew with this event we needed to create a little identity logo/brand as it would be placed on all marketing materials. So once we had our moodboard and concept in our mind we got to work sketching aka doodlin' in our notebook. Once we were happy with the sketches we drew for the gala, we took our designs into Adobe Illustrator. This allowed us to then alter it further and see what works/what didn't. 


3. Design

moving forward

After pitching our visual directions to Quentin, one was selected and we moved forward to work on the layout for the various materials requested. Below you will see the final logo created for the events collateral and the explanation behind the design. We pride ourselves in making every portion of a design purposeful. Even the smallest details matter!


4. Polish


Proofing is a huge part of the design process. When the identity portion of the promotions was locked in, we got started laying out all of the requested items. Once the setup was complete we sent it off to Quentin for its first review. He received all of the documents required and assisted with design feedback and content edits. 

After working closely with Quentin for approval that all documents were complete, we prepared all the files for print and then digitally sent them off.  The printers gave hard copy proofs, which we approved and (im)patiently waited.

3. Deliver

road trip

The day before the event we received the "it's ready for pickup" email and we quickly drove to the printer...doing the speed limit of course! Being able to see the beautiful silver pantone ink on the amazing textured grey paper and all the other documents was the most exciting moment of the entire project. It's like seeing your baby for the first time after waiting months and months...okay maybe that's a little far-fetched, but it was very exciting! The materials couldn't have turned out better, but we can't take credit for printing. We used two amazing print partners - Boylan Imaging and Prime Printing.

We were lucky to get to work on such a great project and so happy with the direction that was chosen. Medicine Hat is so fortunate to have such a great facility in the community. It was an absolute blast working with Quentin in the five months it took to complete the promotions from start to finish. We were a sponsor for the event and attended the gala, It was, yet again, an amazing event. We also have an amazing Editing Luke framed photo of Medalta from the auction that Melissa proudly hangs in her home (which we now realize should be in the studio office on the wall...something that will need to be discussed at our next staff meeting). 

promotional collateral included

Program Booklet + Auction Card + Auction Signage + Tickets + Invitation + Menu + Signage.